Give Hope:

Someone you know, at some time or another, has needed your help. Maybe they were short on money last week and still had to pay for their prescriptions. Perhaps they'll be in need of shelter for them and their children next week. Maybe, just maybe... someone you know is in need of your help right now!

Wouldn't you help a friend who was in a crisis? If you could not help them, wouldn't you be glad to know that they got the help that they needed?

Money, time and resources are often the best ways to help in almost every situation of great need, but sometimes just giving hope can make a huge difference. The only price you pay for hope is disappoinment. And disappointment only rear its' ugly head when all hope is lost.

Don't lose hope! There are countless organizations that may be able to help. By giving your money, time or resources to any of the following charitable organizations, you are giving hope. Not a single one of these organizations can provide help and relief without your direct support.

Please take a few moments to visit any of the following charitable organizations and find out how you can help give hope to those who are hopeless. If none of these organizations provide the type of help or hope that you are wanting to give, please find one yourself and let us know what charity you chose and how you helped. We would love to post a link to your charitable organization.

To find out more about other ways you can help to give hope or to add your charitable organization, please email


Local Organizations in need of your support:

National Organizations in need of your support:


International Organizations in need of your support: