Client Testimonials at PSC:

Please take a moment to review what others are saying about Paul Swanson Consulting within the following fields of professional expertise:


"...a valuable resource, a very helpful colleague and Information Technology (IT) professional contractor. He is a highly qualified and exceptionally motivated person who brings a wide range of experience..."
-Network Administrator

"The district counts on Mr. Swanson to provide timely responses to our concerns and issues as they arise and we have been pleased with the service . He has been instrumental in helping the district complete technology related projects so that we can operate more efficiently."

"...very responsible about trying to resolve problems in the most efficient and cost-effective manner, a major consideration for a public school district."


"Over the last several years, Paul has specifically brought our medical records and medical billing from a minimal operating system to an advanced, state-of-the-art data and terminal server that meets the needs of a growing and demanding medical practice."

"Under his direction and advise, we have grown the practice to include the most current computer technology but also dependability and reliability in an area that is key to the day to day operation of the office."
- Cardiologist

"I have been involved in IT matters for over twenty years, having dabbled in my own software company in the late eighties Having experienced the IT business from both sides, I can state unequivocally that Paul is the best all around "IT guy" I have ever worked with."
- General Practitioner / Family MD


"I heartily recommend him both as a professional business man with high ethics and as a computer technical expert with a very high degree of personable responsibility."
"It is rare to find an individual who provides such a high level of personal service for all his client; he genuinely cares about them and their IT operational ability."
- Architect / AIA

"We have had a good working relationship with Paul since 2001 and during this time we have always been very happy with his level of expertise, skills, customer service and quick responses to our requests."
"...directly oversaw the implementation and maintenance of our server which we have had for five years and remains in good condition. Although it was a big investment... we proceeded and found it to be a good solution for us."
- President / AIA Architectural Firm


"When Paul came on board as our IT person our system was limping along at a cost of over $30K a year, Paul spent days fixing the mistakes and improving our system. We have not had one break down, other than power failures and Paul has reduced our cost by over 50%. Paul has only our best interest in mind when making decisions for our system."
- Owner/Manager Engineering Company


"The service provided by Paul has always been nothing short of exemplary. Paul has done a wonderful job of recognizing the technical needs of our company and assuring that we are current and efficient in handling those needs.."
"...both a personable and professional contributor to our company. As we grow and expand our technological needs into the future we look forward to Paul's continued professional guidance."
- General Manager Construction Company

Formal references available upon written or email request.